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Accounting and Recordkeeping

With the assistance of the latest version of Pastel Accounting we are able to do your accounting from scratch, including admin (i.e. organizing invoices, etc.) if needs be, capturing invoices and payments, processing all relevant slips and documents to provide an accurate and complete trial balance to ensure the financial statements and management accounts can be drafted timeously.

Monthly processing and providing management solutions

We perform monthly processing of the relevant source documents as well as provide monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual management accounts set out to your specific requirements and in a user-friendly manner to your satisfaction.

Maintaining your payroll and printing monthly payslips

We are able to perform your Payroll function in your entity and print your employees’ monthly payslips timeously and accurately, while also following up on any payroll issues with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). This also includes submitting EMP501 returns and following up on penalties and other related issues.

Producing audited or non-audited financial statements

With the assistance of the latest version of Caseware and a qualified Chartered Accountant we are able to produce audited as well as non-audited financial statements timeously and accurately, in a layout that is suitable and user friendly to you as well as the other users of your entity’s financial statements. Whether an audit, independent review or compilation assignment has to be performed, we are able to do it all at a cost-effective price and timeously to ensure your entity’s tax returns are filed timeously.

Completing VAT returns, tax returns and follow up on tax queries and unresolved issues

As registered Tax Practitioners and utilising SARS E-filing, we are able to complete your VAT and tax returns as well as Compensation Commissioner and UIF Forms accurately and timeously, whilst also following up on all VAT and related tax queries, penalties and interest and all unresolved tax issues with SARS and the Labour Department on your behalf.


We handle all registrations, documents and returns from A-Z.
We handle Company Registrations, Name Reservations, Company Updates (Director, Name, Company Secretary, Auditor, Address Changes), CIPC Annual Returns, UIF Registrations UI-8, UI-19 Submissions, Compensation Registrations, Compensation ROE, SARS Income Tax Registrations, SARS PAYE and SDL Registrations, SARS VAT Registrations and SARS Tax Clearance Certificates.

Audit services rendered by Serenity Accounting Company (Pty) Limited

Serenity Accounting Company (Pty) Ltd is able to perform any audit, independent review or compilation of financial statements. We perform the audit function through André Nolte Chartered Accountants SA, a sole proprietorship which is registered with the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (“IRBA”).

André Nolte, the sole practitioner of André Nolte Chartered Accountants SA, who is also a director of Serenity Accounting Company (Pty) Ltd, has significant experience in performing audits of companies, closed corporations, trusts, co-operatives, non-profit organisations, body corporates, etc.

Along with the audits and independent reviews, we prepare comprehensive and professional audited or independently reviewed financial statements.

We also perform attorneys’ trust audits through the sole proprietorship and have gained valuable experience as far as this is concerned during the past year.

Our power lies in numbers

Our clients are from all over the country as far as the Western Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng, and also from abroad as far as Afghanistan and the UAE. Clients are from nearly all walks of life – dentists, doctors, salary earners, commission earners, entrepreneurs, labour lawyers, graphic designers, printing, landscape development, farmers, security services, hair dressers, cosmetic studios, and the list goes on.

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